Posted April 19, 2002

Dr (h.c.) Johan B P Maramis:







We are living in a fast changing world both nationally and globally. The reform movement spearheaded by our students and supported by the vast majority of the people has clearly pointed the way how our society should be changed. Drastic changes are required in practically all aspects of life, in the political, economic, cultural, and the legal system. Most of all in the moral values of life as well All Indonesian including those living in North Sulawesi should consistently strive to effect those changes if we want to live in a better world. We should also try to understand the global changes affecting the international world. Issues which we consider before as domestic problems, like human rights, democracy, good governance and environment should also become our own concern. Moreover, the noble values of the cultural life of the people of  Minaesa have been neglected and even buried deep inside. People imbued with moral values and distinct personalities who also possess the skills and expertise in their respective fields, those people are capable to engage in social intercourse, politics, business on a national and international level.

Conscious of the seriousness of those issues and observations affecting the life of our people, a group of young Indonesian originating from Minaesa were determined to help their brothers and sisters living in that region to get them better prepared to face those problems. They decided to establish a Non Governmental Organization with the objective to upgrade human resources in particular in the fields of basic human rights, democracy and environment to start with.


In May last year they issued the following Declaration :




Having unified our lofty determination as the basis and course of action, concrete steps in implementing the values embodied in SITOU TIMOU TUMOU TOU (Man is created to mutually help each other) and BAKU BEKING PANDE (to mutually strengthen knowledge and experience to make a better man) will lead towards a society of Minaesa which is rich spiritually, intellectually and materially.

We have responded resolutely to the demands and call of history: to invigorate the community of Minaesa wherever they are. Energize them in the political, economic and cultural fields. May the Almighty guide and bless us and the people of Minaesa.





Strengthening and promoting consciousness and responsibility to uphold basic human rights, true democracy and healthy and enduring clean environment. Encouraging the participation of all people to promote social justice and transparency and accepting different religions, culture and customs.

To live in open and free world where social justice, democracy and observance of human rights prevail.

A world of clean and healthy environment.

A world of peace and prosperity for all mankind.




To preserve our beautiful North Sulawesi and combat all destructive elements and the exploitation of our resources for the benefit of the few. To respect and live faithfully guided by the noble values we inherited from our forefathers.

To join forces with like-minded NGO’s to assist in accelerating the development of the Eastern part of Indonesia that has long been neglected to become a peaceful and prosperous part of Indonesia.

To fight forces of disintegration and saving our beloved Unitary Republic.

 And also saving our precious planet Earth




We have first started our program with organizing a seminar on management challenges in the new Millennium in co-operation with Asian Development Bank and United Nations Development Program. We are aware that rapid economic growth have negative environmental effects if not accompanied with long-term environment management  policy. To neglect this would be at the expense of future prosperity.

Indeed government policies are a major driving force behind the misuse of environment. Excessive reliance on centralized, top-down approaches and under funding of environmental initiatives only worsens environmental problems.

We are concerned at the low level of awareness of the link between development, environment and poverty reduction


We considered it therefore important to join forces with like-minded NGO’s to impress upon the Government, the policy-making elite and the private enterprises the urgency to take immediate corrective actions in the interest of  the well-being of all

We firmly believe that the seminar will not only end in high-sounding resolutions. We will initiate further concrete action projects for the benefit of the people.

The seminar was considered a success since we have been able to line up quite a few experts as important keynote speakers here who had contributed excellent papers and also further highlighted the urgency of establishing vital links between economic and social planning with environmental issues. There were also a number of useful and practical suggestions that need to be followed up.

 We are planning to organize a demonstration on the use of solar energy project followed by a pilot project in our province managed by an American expert Mrs. Roma Scilby who was once a Research Assistance and speech writer of Ambassador L.N.Palar, in the United Nations. We are also exploring other environmental projects funded by ADB. We are also seeking areas of concrete of co-operation with national and international NGO’s.

Our programs will gradually shift to other important issues like human rights and democracy.

We need to compile and research important data on those issues in co-operation with interested parties. An extended network of communication should also be established.

Since we are a relative new- comer in NGO’s organizations, we recognize the necessity to familiarize the government and public of our existence and activities.

We will utilize all available means including television and printing media, newspapers, magazines, seminars and symposiums to promote our NGO and also seek avenues for joint ventures with national and international and other interested organizations.

We will also rely on a network of information and expertise to further our objectives.




Our NGO consists of a Board of Trustees with the task of planning, evaluating and guiding of our program to be executed by an Executive Board consisting of an Executive Director assisted by an Executive Secretary and chiefs of several departments.

Our President is H.N.(Vence) Sumual, businessman and ex-freedom fighter and            our Executive Vice President is Dr. Johan B.P. Maramis a senior diplomat who temporarily is serving as of Executive Director.




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